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How To Make Money Online From

Earn from daraz

Looking for the earn money from daraz on the internet? No Worries!

Today in this post we will share with you how to earn money from daraz.

When you searched on google how to earn money from daraz then many results will show in front of you.

But when you open those results. Every site has the same results no one tell you the right way.

20 OCT 2018 is the day when i am thinking to sell my product on daraz or join an affiliate program for my website. When I have searched about earn money from daraz but doesn’t get the right answer.

Then, I decided to make my own list how I can earn money from daraz . So finally I have done it.

And in Today’s post, I am sharing the way to earn money from daraz

Why Daraz? 

Daraz is the future of retail and it is growing in front of our eyes.09 May 2018 Daraz was acquired by Alibaba Group, which also operates in 5 countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal). Daraz will continue under the same brand name.

In 2016 Daraz set a record of RS 1 billion sales in its Black Friday event in Pakistan.
Daraz is the 15th most visited website in Pakistan.And it is also 2,566th most visited website in world.if you talk about world daraz is 2,566 most visited website in the World.

There are two ways to earn Money from Daraz 

  1. Sell on Daraz (Seller center)
  2. Join Daraz Affiliate program ( DARAZ DOST)

1. Sell on Daraz

Daraz is very popular in Pakistan and a lot of traffic comes to this website. Which is great for growing our sales.

The new update of 2018 has done amazing. Daraz has completely changed the Daraz seller center. Now Daraz has become like Alibaba's website.

Now each seller will have their own store, which the Seller can customize according to his wish.Seller can apply custom things in Store, like (Voucher and Banner).

There will be a follow button in your store, when any customer will come in your store He can follow you by clicking on that button and he will become a your  Store follower.

What is Daraz Seller Center?

Daraz Seller Center is the backend tool for Daraz sellers to list their products and monitor their profits,orders and performance. 

The easiest way to connect to Daraz Seller Center is by simply going to Link.

To sell on, you will need to have an Daraz Seller Center account.

How To Register On Daraz Seller Center

First, you have to choose the type of your account.Then you will need to go sign up page for a daraz seller account. Registering for an account is pretty straight forward, and all you’ll need is a valid email address, your Shop name and your phone number.
You have to purchase flyers if you don't purchase packaging material your shop should not live. When you received packaging material then your shop live on daraz.

List Your Products On Daraz

To list your product on Daraz you will have to add a product on Daraz to sell your products on Daraz. You’ll have to provide detailed descriptions and images of the products you choose to list. By providing accurate and thorough descriptions you can increase product reach and attract your product to buyers

The amount of products you list can also play a vital role in your success on Daraz as seller. If your store has only 15-20 products your store will left a bad impression to buyer. Furthermore, the more products you have the more chances to rank your product in top of the daraz search ranking.

2. Daraz Affiliate Program

If we go for the Affiliate websites in Pakistan Daraz affiliates is on the top of the list. 

It is the best place to earn money if you are not a blogger or did not know coding, then Daraz will help you to earn money using Daraz affiliate program and sold prdoucts on Facebook, Instagram or you can refer any coustmer using your affiliate link.

You probably already know that Daraz is growing like crazy. we're going to talk about how to make money from Daraz Affiliate Program.

Daraz gives you an opportunity to earn money from Daraz affiliate Program.You can get a commission on every referral sale up to 11%.

Once you sign up for free, you can begin choosing which products to sell.Selling an Daraz product can be as simple as sharing the link on social media and your blog.

However, becoming a profitable Daraz affiliate takes time, effort, and lots of planning.Let's talk about a couple of simple strategies you can use to start earning more money from daraz affilate Program.


The amount of commission you make from sales on Daraz has always varied.So if I sold 20 sales to Amazon in a month, I might make a 4.5% commission. But if I sold 2,000 sales to Amazon, I might make 8%+ commission on all of those sales. 

Here's a look at the Daraz commission (Link)

How To Contact

Phone: 021-111-132729 
Email: [email protected] 

Hotline operating hours: Everyday from 9am to 11pm.

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