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Ways to turn your website traffic into google adsense earnings

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To make money from Google AdSense, it is important to be able to turn your traffic into clicks. There are some principles you need to put in place in order to do that and that is what this article is based on.

In the event that you have been running AdSense promotions on your site for a long time and you feel that you aren’t making as much money as you could, this article will help you to know how you could correct this and start making that income from AdSense. The vast majority feel baffled that they can’t create the incomes they expected from Google AdSense, and this is down to low traffic levels and click through rates.

There are numerous approaches to transform traffic into AdSense earnings and here is a short rundown of them.

Point No.1

You can turn your traffic into Google AdSense earning is to constantly add new pages to your site. This is essential, as the more pages you have, the higher the chance that you’ll get more pageviews and impressions on your advertisements.

Another way you can improve your AdSense earnings is to pick the suitable adverts for your AdSense and the best areas for them. You ought to for the most part realize that among the best Google AdSense banner size were the 336×280 huge rectangle 300×250 medium rectangle and 160×600 banner.

Point No.2

Verify you pick the suitable or related advert to the contents of your site as making them excessively not quite the same as your site’s posts is certain to make visitors view them as mere banner and feel reluctant to click it or view it as if it have nothing to do with the site itself.

You can read more about this here:

Point No.3

Verify these banners are situated where they’ll create the most elevated measure of benefit. Most times, that area is said to be just before the start of your site’s post.

Pages with a long content body, is good for AdSense because visitors will stay long on the page. It is also advisable to put the adverts on below the contents in light of the fact that visitors would have finished reading the post and looking for something else on your site.

Point No.4

You ought to utilize more AdSense units on your page if you have a great deal of content on your page. Simply make a point not to put many banners on your page as this may scare away visitors from clicking the adverts. Do not make the mistake of saying because you are making lower CTR and lower incomes then having more banners is the answer. Maximum of three units or banners is recommended by AdSense, so utilize them shrewdly.

Point No.5

 Another way to improve your AdSense earnings is to use Google AdSense Preview Tool that will give you a chance to picture what adverts would get served on your page and it can come in extremely convenient as a testing system.

There are other ways or things you can do on your site to make money from your traffic through Google AdSense. Which others ways do you know or that you have employed to make more money from your site from AdSense or take more advantage of your traffic.


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