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what is Internal Link in Seo ? - Benefits of Internal Linking

Hello friends, Today we talked about the internal linking in our post that how much internal links are important for SEO. And what are the Benefits of internal linking in our website ranking.If you are a blogger then you would also want your blog to show up in the top of the Google search engine.But if you are a blogger then you will know that how much competition has been increased today.

If you really want to show your blog on the top of  Google search engine then you need to do internal linking.

Many beginner bloggers do not have accurate knowlege about inernal linking. From Which he does not do Internal linking in his blog post.

In this article, I Will Told You Some Off the Main Benefits of the Internal Linking which you will not forget to do the internal linking in your new post.

What Is Internal Linking ?

Internal Link is a link that anyone click on and redirect to another page of the your blog.In Internal only your blog website have Inside  a page and post link.

How To Do A Internal Linking

When you write a post for your blog, you can add a link of another post in your post by linking it to the internal linking. If you want that a visitor click on your links more and more, then you will have to do a internal linking of keywords that the user searches for.

Keep an eye on one thing that when you do internal linking check your URL otherwise Broken links are created in the War page, which is not right for SEO.

Benefits of Internal Linking

  • Bounce rate
The role of bounce rate for our blog in SEO is also very important.If a visitor comes to your website and he goes out from your site without visiting that Web Page or Website then the percentage of Visitor Bounce from your website is increase. If Bounce Rate of your website increase, it means that Visitor is bouncing more.

If you want to reduce bounce rate you must do internal linking in your blog post.

When the visitors visit your blog if he click on the link that you link in the post of the second page then your bounce rate is decrease.And spending more time on your blog will help you to maintain your bounce rate.

You can read more about this here:

    Increase your website traffic

    • SEO And User Friendly Content

    If we are using an internal link in our blog post, then our post become SEO friendly.Google search engine always show those pages to reader in search engine which is good for people and also helpful.The best way to become your content Helpful Friendly is Internal Linking.

    You can read more about this here:

    Beginner bloggers have a big problem that their posts are not quickly indexed in Google search engines.In order to quickly index your blog post, we do the internal linking in the blog.

    If anyone do any search related to your post then Search Engine will link any of the posts that you have linked in your post That will also be indexed.

    The best way to increae the traffic of your blog is to have internal linking.When user read your post if you have Internal Linking in your post then your vistor click on the link and move to your other post.Which will increase the traffic of your blog.


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