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How do I download and install Kali Linux in Virtual Box?

Welcome to this lecture.

So from next lecture onward we will start our hacking course.

But before that we need to install two machines and first one here will be Kali Linux and the next one will be our which will be Windows 10.

What Is Kali Linux ?

So Kali Linux is one type of Linux software or basically a Linux operating system.where you have all the modules and application Pre Installed so that we did not have to configure it manually.

So it is very important to machine where you can just run your code directly you can just make the payload.You can run your handler in order to listen for that communication and you can do a lot of stuff with Kali Linux will test each of these application that is available in the linux.

Obviously not all but the main important part which will be essential for the hackers.

So we just launched every bit of detail in the upcoming lecture with the help of kali Linux.which will be our running server running processes are basically the machine where we will run our code and basically we will test that in the testing machine and the testing machine will be our Windows 10.

So before that we have this machine which is obviously my main machine.

Make Sure Your Real Window is safe.?

So I have here that is Windows 10 but I don't want to just run on every malware or basically every backdoor in my window 10 because I don't want to affect my original machine.So this is your machine

So basically it can be your orginal machine.You can have a Mac machine or you can have the Linux or Windows.

So first of all what you need to do is make sure that this machine is safe because we don't want to do anything with this machine.

So in order to make that another computer installed on the same computer and if you install any machines are basically any application.This won't get affected. We have these virtual box.

What Is Virtual Box ?

Virtual box is basically you have the computer installed inside the computer. So we have this main machine and inside this main machine you can see a lot of operating system is downloaded and run.

So in this case I have this Kali Linux running and the M.S Windows 10 running and you can see right here inside this we have running this kali Linux and you can run these kali Linux over here and the next one I have here is M.S 10.

So we have these windows 10 and the Linux inside these are my main computer.

In order to make sure that our main machine is not affected with any installation or running any program you will use this virtual box.

How to Download Virtual Box?

First of all download that virtual box and install it properly.

It is a simple process and I'm not going to do it because it is a very simple you can just download according to your operating system if it is for Mac just download for Mac and if it is for windows then download for the windows and unzip it and do everything that is required to install any program.

It is pretty much a simple process.

How To Download Kali Linux?

The next thing what you need to do is install limousines.

So first must in that we want to install is Kali Linux.

So I'll just go to the browser and this is the Kali original documentation page and you can see here is a download section and you can simply go to the download Kali Linux and you'll just go here in the download section you'll just click on this download Kali Linux and you will just get these images over here

I highly suggest you not to download this lite version because this does not give all the application that we are using in this course.

So you have to give extra time if we just download this one because you have to download every packages manually.

So that will just cost you more time and more effort than before.

So I'll just highly suggest you download this version which is called Linux 64 bit.

You can go with the torrent or you can go with this HTTP link and install it.

Basically what is a ISO image.You will just have the ISO image and after that you will just see that there will be some ISO image right here.

So let me just show you one here you will have something like this.

If I just open the properties you'll see this is Iso image it is right here.

Disk image file so you just get this file while you download this from the Kali Linux and make sure you just go with these Kali Linux 64 bit or Kali Linux 32 bit but don't go with this slide version.

We have downloaded now the Kali Linux which will be our server machine our way where We will just write some code or use the application and the testing machine will be our Windows 10.

Download Virtual Machine

So just go to this Web site that is developer dot Microsoft dot com.

You'll just get this Web site where you can download the virtual machine we can also download directly the Windows 10.

So why not to download that.

It is also a good idea to download Windows 10 but that requires the installation process.

You have to go through the entire installation process if you download that file but if you download this virtual machine you don't need to go through that installation process it will just directly open you the machine on your virtual box.

So next time what you need to do is this go over here.

That is saying Ms Edge Windows 10 and select the platform in our platform is virtual box.

So let's select download .zip unzip that file you'll just get this file saying open virtual and it is file over here and you could see this is OVU file.

So this will be your open virtualization format form or basically will be archive and we have to now just install that in the virtual box.

First thing are basically what you need to do is install locally Linux so open your virtual machine.

This should be empty for you because you will be at the first step of installation but I have already done so much of my machine over here so let me create new over here.

 Virtual Box Download


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