Monday, 17 June 2019

A Brief Introduction to Kali Linux

A breif Introduction to kali linux

Welcome to This course

There will be three modules that will be covered in this course.

First we will start off with the Kali Linux.

Then we will go to the Python lectures and then JavaScript.

So first of all we will start off with the Kali Linux.We will see how to install it how to interact with the Linux commands.

Then after we will see how we can install kali Linux and  how we can use the applications that is provided with the Linux.

We will see how to hack and crack the password with the airodump-ng,will see man in the middle framework

We learn how to use the plugins that is provided by the man in the middle framework with the application That is wireshark.We will make our complete backdoor will just hack out client filesystem an entire system with the help of veil framework and beef framework.

So after we complete Kali Linux section we will see how to remain anonymous in the hacking process.

We will see how to use Tor browser we will see Interface.

The commands and will completely host the website with the help of Tor network.

And after that we will make a application that will change the MAC addresses we will also learn how to remain anonymous with the proxy chains and VPN servers.

After we just completed we will see the timeline that will be covered all the entire Kali Linux section

We also learn about the commands and how to remain anonymous with the help of VPN and proxy agents.

Hacking With Kali Linux

After that we will just jump to the Python lectures.

We will see how to install Python the basics of Python and we will make complete port the scanner with the help of Python.

We will see how we can make the malware and the key logger with the help of Python language will see the socket

programming which will give us entire backdoor will just communicate with the client.

We will just get every information that the client has with the help of socket programming.

We will just make a use of python in order to code so that we can have entire access to the client.

After that we just move to the web hacking where we just make use of a javascript so it will not entirely go directly to the burpsuite.

But first will see commands and the basics of a javascript then only.

Will install the /burpsuite will see live hacking on the websites will just get informations.

Will just get the attacks like Cross site scripting you URL redirection.

HTML injection in a LIVE WEBSITE will also make complete keylogger with the help of javascript.

So these are some highlights that will be cover in this course.

So first we will start with the Kali Linux hacking.

You can see it will see man in the middle framework wireshark beef and a veil framework.

After that we will see how to remain anonymous in the hacking process.

Then we will see complete Python package is where we will learn how to make backdoor keylogger malware port scanner and the web crawler.

So these are basically a highlights will go deep down under this python lecture.Will this make bunch of keyloggers, backdoors that will give entire access to the client then

Then we will go to the javascript where we will uncover XSS, URL redirection HTML injection and a Keylogger.


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