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Top 10 Tricks To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

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How to reduce Website Bounce Rate

Guys, if you're Owner of a Website you must be aware of  What is Bounce Rate 

However, if you do not know about the Bounce rate, then after reading this article you will understand well. In this article, we are going to talk about what is the Bounce Rate, How we reduce it, what is the impact of the Bounce Rate in Ranking? Let us begin. 

What is Bounce Rate?

If a visitor comes to your website and he goes out from your site without visiting that Web Page or Website then it is called  Bounce.The percentage of Visitor Bounce from your website is called Bounce Rate.If Bounce Rate of your website increase, it means that Visitor is bouncing more.
How Bounce Rate Effect  Seo

[1] Use User Friendly Language

The biggest reason for growing the bounce rate is that visitors do not understand your language, it may be visitor did not know your language, if this happens the visitor who visit your website Will exit immediately and your Bounce Rate will increase.

You should try that you should use a language that your visitors can understand better.

For example, Traffic comes from Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,Nepal, on my website and you will know that Urdu / Hindi language is spoken here, so I will try to write my article in Hindi language instead of English.

Similarly, if traffic is coming from a country like US, UK, Canada on your website, then you have to keep your website content in English, not in Urdu, because this language is spoken in this country.

[2] Links open in a new tab

If your website is  Downloading Site or you use any Download Button in your Blog Post then your Bounce rate will also increase because the visitor will not read the content of your website and click the Download button directly and exit from your website.

To avoid this, you must always use the Target = "_ Blank" CSS attribute inside the TAB, so  whenever someone clicks on the Visitor Download button Link will be OPEN in a new tab and Visitor will not Exit from your website. .

Also keep in mind that we use this TAG in a link that is taking your visitors out of your website. You can see the example below how you can use this.

<a href="YOUR_LINK" target="_Blank"> Download </a>

Doing this will make your Bounce Rate Low.

[3] Provide Helpful Content

One of the major reasons to increase the Bounce Rate is also that you do not provide any helpful content to your visitors or  the visitor who is looking to know is not in your website.The visitor will visit your website within a few seconds. By doing this, your Bounce rate increases

Therefore always provide Helpful Content to visitors.

[4] Avoid Pop-up Ads

If you use Pop-Up Ads in your website then close it immediately. Because using Pop-Up Ads will also increase your website Bounce Rate.

Using Pop-Up Ads gives you more harm than good, because

Pop-Up ads take time to load which will reduce the speed of your website and increase your Bounce rate.

When the Visitor sees pop-up ads, he thinks there is more ads than content or sometimes the Visitor use the back button to remove Ads.In this situation visitor exit from your website and your Bounce rate will increase.
When a pop-up ad opens in the mobile, it covers the entire screen, so that visitors do not see content.

[5] Use Some Images

When you read an article that contains only text, you will get bored soon and you will leave the website immediately.You should always try to Write a articles which will not be user bore in your blog post. You must use at least 2 images with good graphics.

[6] Use a Video

If your website Bounce rate is very high then you must put at least one video in your article, because when the visitor sees your video on your website, it will spend a bit more time on your website, which help you to reduce your Bounce Rate.

[7] Reduce Website Loading Time

Loading times have a huge impact on bounce rates if a visitor comes to your website and your website is taking too much time to load, then the visitor leaves your website and goes to another website to save time. To reduce loading time you need to use a template which is fast loading.

[8] Share with interest

When you share your article with people who do not have an interest in that article, your Bounce Rate will increase very much, share your article with those people who are required to do that article. Can follow tips
  • Find a Facebook Group Related to Your Topic
  • Join Forums
  • Make a Facebook Page of Your Website
If your article is read only by interested people, then you have the advantage that it will read your article thoroughly so that your Bounce Rate will be reduced.

[9] Update Content Regularly

If your website is a news website or a job website then it is very important that you keep updating your content regularly if you did not Update your website  then the visitor will not come to your website.

[10] Word Limits

Even if the article is too long  your Bounce rate may increase so you should write an article of 1500 to 2500 words. A Long  articles  can bore the user and this can increase your Bounce Rate.

#Final Word
Finally, I hope that all of your questions have got the answer in this article, even if you have any questions related to your Bounce Rate, you can comment here, we will answer your every question. Will do the best.

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