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How to use Google Trends to Find Hot Topic Ideas-Sizzling Hot Topic Ideas

Before jumping to the way how Google trends does work, we will know what exactly it is.
Google Trends is one of the services Google offers to web marketers. It permits you to get the trending topics and analyze them to get a lot of specific details regarding them. for examplei would like to write down a blog on wedding planning for the audience across the U.S.A.. I looked for the keyword wedding planning in the Google Trends for last one year.

It shows U.S.A. the term was searched most between December 2017 and Jan 2018. this means from Decemberto Jan is the best time for a web log on wedding planning.

The best issue is you can use it without a need to sign upsimply open Google Trend and flick through will see plenty of trending topics.look into the image below whereby topics that are trending show.

You spot the interests of people in the optic you search over a selected time periodyou can set the time period using the drop down given there. for instance, if you wish to get the trends from 2014 to the currentselect from the drop downs given the past four years. in the image on top of trends are shown for the last twelve months.
To verify the trend you should look at the trends over a long span of timea minimum of four to 5 years. If the search volume for a subject is systematically high for a selected time period every yearthis suggests that isperiod when that topic spikes. Thus, you can plan a blogging schedule that helps you write a blog post that gets a lot of searches and shares.

Lets U.S.A. have a look at the top benefits before we have a tendency to discuss the most effective ways in which to use Google Trends to come up with nice concepts for your blog post

Here Are the Ways to Get the Best Blog Ideas, Using Google Trends

Anyone even ones with no prior experience can comfortably use Google Trends. But this is not all you need to come up with a great topic idea for your next blog post. Here are three simple yet extremely effective ways you can use to easily produce the best ideas for your blog. These ways are very simple tricks and anyone can efficiently use them. Here is how:

Google Trends invites you to drill down in the following ways:

  • Using Worldwide helps you target a specific market geographically. For Example, you’ll see the word “umbrella” peak at different times across different hemispheres.
  • Time selection ranges from the “past 5 years,” all the way down to the “past 4 hours.” Pro tip: Use multiple time selections to get an idea of the long-term trends vs. the short-term trends. More on that later.
  • Filtering by category is essential. At least if you’re running a search on “Celtic Thunder” and don’t want to read about Irish weather patterns.
  • Search Type (including web, news, and YouTube) is another vital category, but more on that in item #3.

Target by Location

The most cursory use of Google Trends will focus exclusively on keywords. For the best results, you’ll also need to incorporate location into the mix. Don’t be afraid to zero in on specific regions and sub-regions – especially when it comes to the U.S.
Using our “Caribbean cruise” trends from earlier, you’ll find that Floridians – or at least, people already in Florida – are the most interested:

Trend Predictions

It’s the easiest thing in the world to log on to Google Trends and identify those trends that already leave a trail of breadcrumbs. The problem? Every other search engine marketer is using the same data.
If you want additional insights, try using the available data to predicttrends.
Not long ago, the practice of “newsjacking” was a sure way to capitalize on current hot stories. Google Trends can indeed show you exactly which news trends of the day are the hottest.

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