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How To earn Money From PayWao

Paywao earn money

What is PayWao Link ?

PayWao is a Socio Economic welfare program where you can join with $2 only. It gives you an amazing earning opportunity.
The Future of HYP website is limited no one know the lifetime of PayWao so think before invest your money.

How do I Register?

In order to open an account with PayWao, follow the instructioIn order to open an account with PayWao,
Follow the instructions below

  1. Go to Register
  2. Make sure you fill out the registration form with correct data.
  3. Read the Members Agreement and hit Register.
  4. You're now an official member of Paywao

How to Activate my Account?

Firstly login your account by using user name and password. Click on Pay and select your payment method to make your deposit of $2. Once payment recive Your account will be instantly approved and activated.

Payment Method of Pay Wao

Paywao payment method

  1. Payment threshold is 2$
  2. Payment By Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo, Bit coin, Perfect Money (PM) , Jazz Cash ( Mobicash)

You can view Paid Ads daily or whenever you are free, there is no compulsion but your credits are accumulated.

  1. When you get 3 Members at your Level-1, your 1 new Entry generated and account Debited $2
  2. When you get 10 Members at your Level 2, your 1 more Entry generated.
  3. When you get 30 Members at your Level 3, another 3 new Entries generated for you.
  4. When you get 100 Members at your Level 4, your 10 more Entries generated.
  5. When you get 350 Members at your Level 5, another 35 new Entries generated for you.

Each generated ID gets Auto earning for you, you’ll receive earnings from all Id’s in your main account.

You can create unlimited accounts on one IP

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