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How To Blog Posts To Blogger Blogs SEO Friendly !!

Assalamu Alaikum friends, Blogger SEO is very important, it is not everyone, but many of us do not have Blogger's many hidden SEO tips. If you regularly adjust your blog search engine, then definitely these tips will be a good one. While blogging, we all use different useful photos in the post. If you want, those photos can easily get good results in search engines, especially if someone searches on a Google image or Yahoo image and you want to make your blog photo SEO well You can certainly get good results with the visitor and get the best. There is an option on the blogger blog like this, which will give you some worthwhile keywords in your blog post photo which is very important in the image search engine, today I will show you how to use alt tag in the photo

How To Use Alt Tag!

First you go to Blogger Dashboard and start writing new posts. Then upload the photo. Click on the photo then see the options like a menu bar, then click Properties.
<img src = "" alt = "SEO Tips"> </ img>

You can get a popup when you click on Properties at the top and enter your blog post title as title text: and alt text: Anyway, write some keywords about that photo.
<img src = "" alt = "SEO Tips"> </ img>

In this case, I understand that I will tell you what I mean to you. If you want to use this alt tag in any platform format other than Blogger, then you can use the alt tag below, that can be Blogge or Wordpress. 
If you want to use it in a custom way, use the following code as HTML in your post.

<img src = "your photo URL" alt = "your photo alt tag"> </ img>

Diameter Hogel hope I have no problem understanding the post. If there is a problem, then I can comment below if you have any mistake in the post. Share it with friends. Be nice to be healthy.
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