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A few tips how to make money From HYIP Sites -Tips For Investing In HYIP

How to choose a HYIP to make money with?

Over time, every investor begins to look closely at HYIPs. Every investor has his own criteria for selecting potentially good HYIPs. One investor will be alarmed by the absence of SSL certificates or mistakes in the design. Another does not like the presence or absence of one or another payment system. And it is the most challenging part: a beautiful design can hide a financially unreliable hyip program. It happens that a mediocre program without any “bells and whistles” pays and works a few months.

Web-site design

  • Web-site design is one of the most controversial part, because everyone has different tastes. At least a good website design should not be repelling, there should be a convenient navigation and everything should be “well done”.

Web-site content and legend

  • Take time to study the content of the site, if the site is full of errors – then it is not a very good sign. Analyze the legend, how original it is and whether a HYIP with such an approach can become popular with investors. You can also check the site content for uniqueness in order to understand how much efforts has the admin invested in creating hyip’s legend.


  • GoldCoders or HScript – There must be a license, if it is not the case, then you can safely close the program’s page. A great advantage for a HYIP is a unique script, which means that more resources and time have been invested in the program, and it will take time to recover its value, and it means that the hyip can work longer.


  • Every hyip program must have a DDOS-protection. Almost all successful HYIPs are suffering from DDOS attacks and if hyip site goes offline or is not accessible, then panic will likely destroy the program. So, any smart administrator who wants to work for a long time, puts a ddos-protection on its website. If it is not the case, then either the budget is too low, admin has no experience, well, or the worst case – admin does not care about it and is planning to close the program at the first signs of problems.

Payment systems

  • Here I will express my subjective opinion on the topic. Not so long ago it was considered that the more payment systems you had, the more money came in the program. In other words, having a lot of payments systems at the very beginning used to be considered as an advantage. Nowadays, if a HYIP starts, and starts well, with an advertising campaign, beautiful design and a lot of payment systems, it is more likely that it will attract a lot of money from the very start (mass entry) and further inflow of new investments will be sharply reduced. In such conditions admin will have to deal with 2 problems at once.
First, the administrator can be driven mad by such an influx of money and it can close program sooner.
Secondly, a dramatic reduction of investments’ inflow in comparison to the initial stage can ruin the program, as there will be no new investments to pay with. Therefore, now, if a program starts widely with a lot of payment systems, it should be considered as a bad sign and you need to be more careful with your investments. Therefore, experienced admins prefer to start with 1-2 payment systems, and then add new systems thereby controlling the growth and attracting investors with good news informing that their program is feeling great and constantly introducing something new.
I see that recently “massive investments’ inflow” has become such a big problem that some programs start with 1 payment system, a payment system that is not very popular, for example, bitcoins. And only through time they add Perfect Money, Payeer and other payment systems that are popular in HYIP world. The main thing is that there should be growth, so if possible, it is worth to learn the administrator’s plans, his opinion on the development of the program. Fortunately, nowadays many bloggers try to interview admins or share insider information, be closer to the admin and attract more referrals. If an admin is going to work with only one payment system, then I’ll miss such a program (the exception is perhaps bitcoin). There should be at least a few payment systems, but they should be introduced gradually.
  • Phone number.
    A trick, not more. If there is a phone number on a web-site – it’s good, if there is no, it’s also good :). I would call it a pleasant small detail, nothing more.
  • SSL.
    If there is no SSL certificate, if you see “http” instead of “https” in the address bar, in most cases you can close the page. The program accepts money without encrypting your data and therefore it does not care about your security.
  • Online support.
    I personally think this is an important feature, I always pay attention to it, even I advise you to check support, write and ask a couple of questions, check speed and quality of the support service. It happens quite often when you need to contact program’s support.
  • Legal documents and licenses.
    Pleasant little details, these are additional costs for admin, so according to the classical analysis of HYIPs it is considered as a certain indicator of quality of a web-site, in fact, there were a lot of HYIPs with legal documents that scammed investors. Nevertheless, legal documents of an officially registered company attract newcomers and foreigners, in such hyips the level of trust is much higher. In any case, it attracts more money extending the lifespan of a program.
  • Offices.
    I consider it as an important indicator of a good HYIP, in fact, HYIPs with offices are very rare, very few hyips start with offices in general. It is worth paying attention to the offices that you actually saw, offices, someone visited, posted on a photo etc. If we are talking about a phantom office in the center of New York, that nobody has ever seen, then treat this only as a beautiful legend no more.
  • Admin face.
    Basically, all admins hide their real faces, they use actors in their video presentations. Anyway, the presence of an admin “in person” is common for low-interest hyip programs aimed to social networks. If an admin is open for communication, it should be considered as an advantage, there is a chance that a hyip will work at least one or two investment cycles. But even here, it is not a general rule, as there were a lot of programs with open admins that scammed giving no profit. But, I like open communicative admins, sometimes you can appreciate a person, listen to how and what he says, how he behaves, and it often helpes me to avoid scams and protects me from investing in projects with a ” good-for-nothing” admin.
  • “On ground” offline development.
    Personally, I consider it to be a very important feature. First, the number of potential investors increases enormously, and secondly, these potential investors have a completely different philosophy of investing, they do not withdraw money after the first cycle hurrying up to another program, instead, they often increase deposits and make reinvestments. Hyip investors in the internet have become so small in number quantity that offline development is becoming an increasingly important feature of a program development.
Just remember one important thing: no matter what type of HYIP it is – design, marketing, etc. – without a constant influx of money and support from masses, all these factors have no sense. Therefore, first of all, evaluate the growth, whether people join a program, whether there is support from the top bloggers and leaders.

Rules for investing in HYIPs

The success of any investment depends on the observance of a number of rules
Perhaps the most important rule is to invest money you are ready to lose. It may happen that you invest money today and but tomorrow the site is already closed. Therefore, you need to take decisions carefully on the amount invested. However, the higher is deposit, the better are investment conditions.
It is not advisable to invest all your money in a single HYIP. It is worth considering diversification of your deposits.
It is very useful to invest in different types of HYIPs, for example, low-interest hyips (up to 15% per month), mid-interest hyips (16% to 60% per month) and high-interest hyips (61% per month). Besides money earned in hyips, you should also have income source in other fields, such as forex or options. At least five sources guarantee success. Something like diversification of your income.
Creation of an investment pool (reserve). You need to have such a pool in order to be able to invest in a good program from its launch. The more time a program is online, the higher are risks that the site closes before you get your profit.
After you have made your deposit in a program, all withdrawals of money are going to your investment pool. The same happens with your referral profit. Reinvest is not recommended. This is worth thinking about only after you have reached ROI 100%, otherwise you can make a fool of yourself.
It is useful to make money not only on your own deposits, but also inviting others and receiving referral profit. Read carefully referral program’s conditions, do not rush to invite your acquaintances to invest in a HYIP. You should carefully think it over and warn people that there is no guarantee that the program will work properly. Often RBC is used to attract referrals, part of the referral profit is paid to your referral.
Never invest other people’s money: do not borrow money from banks or friends to invest in a HYIP.
First you need to learn how to fix your profit on time. Often all kind of promo activities are the sign of a lack of funds in a program. Stay away of the hyip programs offering very high interest. The higher is the interest, the shorter is the lifespan of a hyip.
There is such a time in the year when it’s not advisable to invest or you should treat hyips with caution. Many programs close before the New Year. This is due primarily to the fact that people withdraw their deposits for holidays. At the end of the summer, the same undesirable time comes when most people leave for vacation. Projects are closed either because of a lack of investment, or because admins also sometimes want to rest. Of course, there are few hyips exceptions ready to work all year round, but there are not so many of them.

Small details to pay attention to.

  • Smooth development– is likely the most important thing for every program, very many hyips that developed smoothly, then grew into big giants, or at least worked long. The main problem is to find a balance slow development – scam, too fast development – scam. If a program manages to find a golden mean it will get a chance for a long work.
  • Listings and Monitors – If a hyip program starts and immediately pays advertising on a dozen of blogs and a bunch of monitors, it’s worth to be extremely cautious – maybe it’s a program aimed to make quick money, which will recover its costs after a month and closes the program at the development peak. You should also be careful with a project, that has been running for a long time and then immediately begins a massive promotion campaign, most likely its admin is already tired of playing and wants to collect more money before scam.
  • Inside – If someone tells you that he or she has been told some secret information that a hyip will work for a long time, you can put an extra plus to this program, but not more. Believe me, the chances that your inside info will come true are equal or even lower than the chances that it is a false inside.
Nothing risk, nothing win. Like any other investment on the Internet, earning in hyips is undoubtedly a risk. Be prepared for losses. Even if you follow all rules, invest with insurance and rbc, you can not be 100% protected against losses at a certain moment. But as you know, who does not take risks, does not win.

So, can I make money with HYIPs?

Yes, you can. If you follow all the rules, even with some losses from time to time you can remain in good profit. Work and make money, but always remember that sooner or later everything comes to an end.
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