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How To Enable The Search Description Field For Blogger Posts To Increase Page Views - The Techs off

  1. Open
  2. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  3. Then go to Settings > Search Preferences
  4. Under Meta Tags click edit 
  5. Click Yes to enable the Search Description field 
  6. Create your blog Meta Description in the space provided
 Add The Search Description Field

Press the Save Changes once complete.

Make sure you have this HTML code in your blogger template between <head> and </head>.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Babbage’s Analytical Engine - 1833 & Turing Machine – 1936
Babbage’s Analytical Engine - 1833 & Turing Machine – 1936

Babbage’s Analytical Engine - 1833

  • Mechanical, digital, general-purpose
  • Was crank-driven
  • Could store instructions
  • Could perform mathematical calculations
  • Had the ability to print
  • Could punched cards as permanent memory
  • Invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard

Turing Machine – 1936

Introduced by Alan Turing in 1936, Turing machines are one of the key abstractions used in modern computability theory, the study of what computers can and cannot do. A Turing machine is a particularly simple kind of computer, one whose operations are limited to reading and writing symbols on a tape, or moving along the tape to the left or right. The tape is marked off into squares, each of which can be filled with at most one symbol. At any given point in its operation, the Turing machine can only read or write on one of these squares, the square located directly below its "read/write" head

The " Turing test "

A test proposed to determine if a computer has the ability to think. In 1950, Alan Turing (Turing, 1950) proposed a method for determining if machines can think. This method is known as The Turing Test.

The test is conducted with two people and a machine. One person plays the role of an interrogator and is in a separate room from the machine and the other person. The interrogator only knows the person and machine as A and B. The interrogator does not know which the person is and which the machine is.
Using a teletype, the interrogator, can ask A and B any question he/she wishes. The aim of the interrogator is to determine which the person is and which the machine is.
The aim of the machine is to fool the interrogator into thinking that it is a person. If the machine succeeds then we can conclude that machines can think.

Charles Babbage & his Contribution (1791-1871)
Charles Babbage & his Contribution (1791-1871)

Charles Babbage (1791-1871)

  • Creator of the Analytical Engine - the first general-purpose digital computer (1833)
  • The Analytical Engine was not built until 1943 (in the form of the Harvard Mark I)

The Analytical Engine

  •  A programmable, mechanical, digital machine
  • Could carryout any calculation
  • Could make decisions based upon the results of the previous calculation
  • Components: input; memory; processor; output

Ada, Countess of Lovelace(1815-52)

  • Babbage: the father of computing
  • Ada: the mother?
  • Wrote a program for computing the Bernoulli’s sequence on the Analytical Engine - world’s 1st computer program
  •  Ada: A programming language specifically designed by the US Dept of Defense for developing military applications was named Ada to honor her contributions towards computing

A lesson that we all can learn from Babbage’s Life

  • Charles Babbage had huge difficulties raising money to fund his research
  • As a last resort, he designed a clever mathematical scheme along with Ada, the Countess of Lovelace
  • It was designed to increase their odds while gambling.  They bet money on horse races to raise enough money to support their research experiments
  • Guess what happened at the end?  The lost every penny that they had.
  1. Fast
  2. Bored
  3. Storage

Here is a fact:

 In 1997 Deep Blue, a supercomputer designed by IBM, beat Gary Kasparov, the World Chess Champion.That computer was exceptionally fast, did not get tired or bored.  It just kept on analyzing the situation and kept on searching until it found the perfect move from its list of possible moves  …

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 Free Blogger Templates Download 2020 • Top Best Free • New Templates • HELIO V1.0
 Free Blogger Templates Download 2020 • Top Best Free • New Templates • HELIO V1.0

 Free Blogger Templates Download 2020 • Top Best Free • New Templates • HELIO V1.0

  • 100% Fully Responsive Design
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  • Testing Tool Validator
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  • Featured Post Widget
  • Easy Admin Panel
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  • Numbered Page Navigation
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  • Custom 404 Error page
  • Much More

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5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube with a Small Channel

So of course we know that if you get millions of views or you have a huge audience that you can actually make pretty good money on YouTube but what do you do if you have a small channel or you're just starting out.

In this article I'm going to be breaking down five practical ways to make money on YouTube even if you have a small audience or new channel and also share some advanced tips.

Hey what's up viewers Mirza here with new topic which help you to build your influence income and impact with online video.

So Today we share with you about five specific strategies for building your income on YouTube if you have a small audience and a small channel or you're just starting out now you may have heard some of these strategies before but I believe that in this article. You're going to learn some advanced tips and maybe some case studies and some creative ideas that you've never thought of before so let's dive into the training right now to get these tips let's get a strategy number

 Five ways to earn $500 plus with YouTube 

Maybe you have heard some of these before maybe you haven't but we're going to be talking about

  1. YouTube ads
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Brand deals 
  4. Merch/Products
  5. Crowdfunding 

1. How to Earn Money From Youtube Ads

You know we need money to fund the mission and you should never be ashamed of that right if you want to turn your creativity into a career you have to figure out how to monetize and one of the ways to do that is with YouTube ads the problem is right now and this is mostly in the U.S.So even international this is typically a little bit lower is that you get usually two dollars per thousand video views and that's called a CPM

So if your goal was to get $500 on YouTube you would need a quarter million views and if you wanted to get $500 like a month you would need to at least get at least that many views a month now CPM is vary and there's lots of variables but just gives you some basic math.

This video that Benji and He got 220,000 views now we'll tell you about this tool a little bit later but vid IQ will give you an estimated earnings of anybody's video including other people's channels that's not really super accurate because our CPM is more like five dollars so this video is made between 460$ but the key strategy if you want to figure out how to build your income with YouTube ads is you just need a lot a lot a lot of views.

 Make Money on YouTube with a Small Channel

So that is actually why this is my least favorite way of making money on YouTube.

2. How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

So the second one is affiliate marketing this is basically what affiliate marketing is you sign up for an affiliate program just like say “Amazon Associates” and then you can get a custom link that you put in your youtube description and then when visitors click on that link you can make money it's as simple as that.

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

So if you recommend a beauty product or technology or clothing I mean anything's if there is something that exists in the world there's probably an affiliate program for it.

This is Jabin and he has a BBQ channel and so here's a good example right you type in BBQ Accessories and he has ranked this video where he is doing affiliate marketing and I just caught up with Jabin you know you put that a video like this talks to his favorite BBQ accessories there's links in the description to the affiliate marketing and here's some of his results and so this was 12-month results for him but tell you basically his channel is about a 3 years old and he is not active.

So far he is in Canada he has done over 500 dollars a little bit on Amazon he's done a hundred dollars on other affiliate programs and then he's done Adsense so that's not bad - right we talked about at YouTube ads 842$ and he's also got a few thousand dollars in free products now of course we have to stay on this master class that these results or anything else any other results we share you know these results are not typical they take hard work in action. purposes not a promise of what you can earn because the reality is sometimes people take in for me you have to take action to get the results

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

Here's a power tip and this is for affiliate marketing general Amazon actually just added a new one link feature so you can start monetizing multiple different countries through one link there's a few other services that do this as well and so this is a progression that's really big in affiliate marketing right now you know because you have an international audience especially on YouTube and so look into one link

if you're already doing Amazon and look into expanding into basically smart links which helps you it what it does is it decides what store like people are coming from and then it just takes them to the correct store internationally and it's not just Amazon that's doing this so

3. How to earn money from crowdfunding

Let's dive into number three as far as a practical way of generating five hundred dollars a month and one is crowdfunding now you probably heard about this before it's like patreon and a great example if somebody was a part of our advanced training and private group is Justin Coe with that Christian blogger and so he's been building up his channel and he launched a patreon and he has over 57 people supporting him now this doesn't happen overnight and I think that's the key here to always lead with value

First he built up his authority built up you know trust he added tons of value to people but then eventually he was able to surpass even that five hundred dollar mark as a base of just support so that you know
again money could feel his mission which is you know based on his faith andreally changing people's lives and making a difference in the world

4. How to earn money from Merch/Products

So crowdfunding is another way is merchant products music selling songs on iTunes or anywhere coaching freelance services so many different ways to do merch and to do product and one cool site for this is merged and so there's a lot different one to tee spring but this is kind of a hot new one before I got to do is upload your artwork set your price they print it they ship it and you get the royalties and so something simple like this to build your income and thebit of monthly income with YouTube 

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How To Add a Breaking News Widget In Blogger

Hello Friends, In this blog, I will show you how to add a breaking news widget in blogger.

I will provide you HTML Code of Breaking news tickle, moveable text, scrolling text, widget for your site.

Add a Breaking News Widget In Blogger

Adding a Breaking News widget in your blog is too easy just you have to follow a few steps.
  1. First open Blogger
  2. Then open Layout menus
  3. Click on Add a Gadget
  4. Then click on Add an HTML/Javascript
  5. Copy the below code and paste on HTML/Javascript
  6. Now Click on Save

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